Colombia: Parliament approves ban on bullfights from 2027 – The sport is bloody and barbaric (videos)



Colombia: Parliament approves ban on bullfights from 2027

In Bogota, Parliament voted in favor of protecting bulls. Colombia will indeed join the list of South American countries that ban bullfighting, such as Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and Guatemala.

Colombian deputies voted by a very large majority on Tuesday to ban bullfighting shows from 2027. The bill, on an initiative by environmentalist deputies, was adopted by 93 votes for and two against.


Arenas soon to be converted
“We have taken a historic step forward (…) the killing of bulls will be banned in the country,” wrote on her X account Senator Andrea Padilla, who defended the bill on abolition in the country of America with the longest bullfighting tradition, led by the left since 2022.

During this “transitional” period of three years, the State will have to guarantee alternative jobs for people who depend directly or indirectly on bullfighting and adapt the country’s arenas to sporting and cultural activities.

In 2018, the Constitutional Court authorized bullfights in towns and villages with a bullfighting tradition, and left it to parliamentarians to apply possible restrictions. Thus, in Bogota and Medellin, bullfights have no longer been authorized since 2020. On the other hand, in Cali, the third city in the country, and Manizales, bullfights are at the heart of traditional festivals. Outside of urban areas, cattle breeding occupies a very important place in Colombia. / France24