EXCLUSIVE-Sen Spiros Mantzavinos: President Biden has a very aggressive agenda for his first 100 days! (sound interview)


Senator Spiros Mantzavinos, is a Democrat and represents the 7th District, Delaware.

Spiros believes in Democratic values such as creating economic opportunity for everyone, protecting our health care, and preserving our environment. For 30 years, he’s worked to promote those ideals in Delaware.

Spiros raised a family, owned a small business in New Castle County and he’s served the citizens of Delaware by working in the State Auditor’s Office.

He knows what people are going through…squeezed by rising health care costs, stagnant wages, caring for aging family members, and making sure their kids are getting the right education so they can succeed tomorrow.

He’s dealt with these issues in his own life and that’s why he’s running for State Senate. The residents of the 7th District deserve a Senator who will always be on their side.


Just two days before the inauguration of the new elected American President, Jo Biden, Spiros Mantzavinos have spoken to radio station ‘Notos’ and expressed certainty about the first steps of the new Presidency of USA.

‘‘President Biden has a very aggressive agenda for his first 100 days – He will definitely starts his administration very strongly especially about the Covid-19’’ he said.

Sen. Mantzavinos believes that the foreign policy will work with allies of USA but this it’s going to take some time.

He also mentioned that Donald Trump is the only US President to be impeached twice:

Impeachment is taken very seriously in this country. There is a reason why in American History only three Presidents have benn impeached. ”It’s appropriate…” said Sen Mantzavinos.

Peggy Dokou / News-Politics