Afghan President Ghani flees Kabul in helicopter stuffed with cash (!) — Russian embassy


MOSCOW, August 16. /TASS/. President of Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani fled Afghanistan aboard a helicopter packed with money, the Russian embassy in Kabul told TASS on Monday.

“As for the reasons of the collapse of the regime, they are characterized by how Ghani fled the country. Four cars were packed with money, and they tried to cram another bag of cash into the helicopter. Not all the cash managed to squeeze in, and some of the money was left lying on the airfield,” a mission employee said.

The fighters of the Taliban radical militant group (outlawed in Russia) entered Kabul without encountering any resistance on Sunday and started to take control of government buildings, the Al Arabiya TV Channel reported. President of Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani left the country. The Taliban later announced that it had established control of all the districts in the Afghan capital.