Beijing vows counter-measures to US sanctions over Russia


BEIJING, February 27. /TASS/. Beijing resolutely rejects the US sanctions against Chinese companies over Russia and will take necessary counter-measures, Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Mao Ning said on Monday.

“We are extremely dissatisfied with such actions and express our resolute protest,” the Chinese diplomat told a press briefing, commenting on the restrictions that Washington slapped against Chinese companies over Russia on February 24.

“China will continue taking necessary measures to protect the legitimate rights of Chinese businesses,” she said.

As the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman stressed, the new US measures to exert pressure “have not the slightest legitimate ground” and have not been approved by the UN Security Council.

“These are typical unilateral sanctions and the ‘long-arm jurisdiction’ [the exterritorial application of the national legislation],” she added.

Washington “seriously infringes upon China’s interests,” the diplomat stressed.

“We have already issued a serious reprimand to the US side on this score,” she said.

Beijing favors a political settlement to the Ukraine conflict, the Chinese diplomat said. The United States, on the contrary, adds to the escalation by providing a huge military aid to Kiev, she added.

On February 24, the US Department of the Treasury expanded its sanctions against Russia and Belarus, imposing export restrictions and blacklisting 76 entities from Russia and companies from other countries.