Greek Deputy Minister of Tourism, Manos Konsolas: “Invest in the brand of a safe destination”


In a statement that identifies the optimism for the next day in Greek Tourism, the Greek Deputy Minister of Tourism Manos Konsolas emphasizes that we must: “Invest in the brand of a safe destination”

Greece has a strong tourist identity. In 2021 we hope that it will mean the end of the nightmare we all live, the arrival of the vaccine and the vaccination of the population will gradually restore normality.

The nornormality malcy we all expect will come – if all goes well – from 2022 when the virus will be immuned.

We must all realize that the first criterion for the visitor in 2021 is safety, while the pandemic has helped to change travel habits, something that we take seriously into account in the marketing strategy and promotion of Greek tourism.

The country will open again safely, those who visit Greece should have the feeling and confidence that they are coming to a model country for health insurance.

Besides, we keep from the last period the exemplary operation of the health protocols but also the effective management of the minimal cases that have existed.

We are facing new data now and the decisions that will be made will depend on the course of the vaccination and the epidemiological picture.

In this direction, it is a given that the entry into the country should be a function of the vaccine, which our visitors should have done, but also of conducting rapid tests.

The updating and optimal adaptation of the health protocols that were highly rated by our visitors is moving in the same direction, something that is credited to the people of tourism.

I wish that this whole framework would be a single European policy.

But even if that does not happen, we must have our own rules as a country, to invest in the brand of a safe health destination “. / News-Politics