Putin orders to supply gas to unfriendly countries for rubles only


NOVO-OGAREVO – Russia will refuse to accept payment for natural gas supplies in ‘compromised’ currencies, including the dollar and the euro, and will move to payments in rubles, President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday at the meeting with the Cabinet.

“I made the decision to implement within the shortest possible time the package of measures to transfer payments – we will start with that – for our natural gas supplied to the so-called ‘unfriendly’ states to Russian rubles,” the President said.

Russia will continue supplying gas to other countries in accordance with volumes and prices stipulated in earlier concluded contracts, Putin noted.

“I would like to stress separately that Russia will definitely continue supplying natural gas in accordance with volumes and prices, pricing principles set in earlier concluded contracts,” the head of state added.

Foreign consumers should have an opportunity to make required transactions after conversion of gas settlements with unfriendly countries to rubles, the Russian leader said.

“I ask the government to give an appropriate directive to Gazprom on making changes to effective contracts. At the same time, all foreign consumers must be provided with the opportunity to perform required transactions,” Putin said. / tass