As ties with US hit rock bottom, Moscow hopes good judgement will prevail in Washington


MOSCOW -The adversarial relationship between Russia and the US has spiraled to new lows, yet Moscow expects that good sense will eventually prevail in Washington, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said in an interview with the Bolshaya Igra (The Big Game) program on Channel One television on Thursday.

“On the one hand, this confrontation has reached rock bottom. On the other hand, deep down hope exists that all people are adults and understand the risks that are associated with any further escalation of tensions,” the top diplomat stressed. I for one believe that good judgement will prevail,” he added.

Lavrov reiterated that the word ‘war’ had been introduced into diplomatic circulation by our Western colleagues. “The hybrid war unleashed by Russia” is currently a very popular description of what the West sees as the main development in international life,” the foreign minister stressed.

The policy of pressure and sanctions chosen by the US administration towards Russia has no chances for success, Sergey Lavrov stated.

“The policy promoted in the forms we are witnessing has no chance for success. This is not something new. [It is not that] Joe Biden came and started using sanctions against Russia, toughening rhetoric and generally exerting pressure on all the fronts. This has been going on for many years,” Russia’s top diplomat said.

Historically, the US sanctions against Russia began even before Barack Obama assumed the president’s office, the foreign minister stressed. “Like many other restrictions, they have simply acquired hypertrophied and ideological shape beginning from 2013, even before [the events in] Ukraine,” Lavrov said. / TASS