Excluding Russia from Security Council possible only if UN is disbanded — diplomat


Excluding Russia from the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) is possible only if the entire organization is disbanded and created anew, Russian First Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN Dmitry Polyansky said.

Commenting on Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky’s calls to strip Russia of its permanent UNSC member status, Polyansky said those remarks “do not stand up to scrutiny.”

“Naturally, all normal people realize that this scenario will be possible only if the UN is disbanded and created anew,” he told the Soloviev Live TV channel.

In his words, Kiev’s task was to “stir up” UN Security Council member states, who are growing increasingly tired of the Ukrainian issue.

“Both Zelensky and Ukraine’s envoy to the UN are wasting their breath, claiming from time to time that we [Russia] have no right to this [UN Security Council] seat, that we retained it unlawfully after the breakup of the Soviet Union,” he said. “This is total nonsense, we have explained it, and even UN officials have provided due clarifications.”

Earlier, Polyansky said Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky was allowed to speak before the UN Security Council on Tuesday remotely and without prior consultations with other council members, which violates the existing practice.

During his speech, the Ukrainian leader urged the UN to designate Russia as a “terrorist state” and exclude it from the UN Security Council, where the country has the permanent member status and veto powers. / TASS