TasteAtlas list: 100 Best Rated dishes with lamb – More than six greek dishes in the list!



TasteAtlas list: These are the 100 Best Rated dishes with lamb – More than six greek dishes included like Païdakia, Tsigaristo, Keftiko, Antikristo etc. Read the list and the greek dishes. Recently, TasteAtlas rated ‘Paidakia’ as the most popular dish with lamb on the top!!!

Grilled lamb chops are a traditional Greek dish that is popular throughout the country and usually enjoyed as the main course. Lamb chops are usually marinated in various combinations of olive oil, lemon juice, and a variety of fresh herbs before they are grilled on traditional charcoal barbecues.

They are commonly paired with potatoes, salads, or the creamy and refreshing tzatziki sauce.

Tsigaristo is a traditional Greek dish originating from Crete. It’s prepared by sautéeing the onions in olive oil, then adding seasoned lamb meat and frying it in the pan or a clay pot over low heat. Near the end of cooking, a bit of lemon is added to finish the dish.

However, there are many variations on the dish, and some cooks use additional ingredients such as garlic and wine. What’s important is that the meat is slowly cooked for several hours until it becomes incredibly tender. In the past, people used meat that wasn’t eaten on the first day, but was just ‘refreshed’ in a frying pan with olive oil and onions.

Antikristo / (Αντικριστό)
Antikristo is a traditional technique of cooking meat on Crete. A young lamb (or a goat, on rare occasions) is cut into four pieces (called goulidia), salted, then placed on big wooden skewers that are arranged around the fire in a circular formation, taking into consideration the direction of the wind, the intensity of the fire, and the distance between the fire and the meat.

This process lets the meat cook in its own fat and salt with the heat coming from the flames instead of coals. The name antikristo means across the fire, describing this unique technique. The meat is slowly cooked, sometimes up to 6 hours, and it develops different flavors in the process.

In the past, antikristo was common in the villages of Psiloritis mountain, but nowadays it can be found anywhere in Crete. Traditionally, it’s prepared and cooked exclusively by men, most often shepherds.

Arni me patates sto fourno
This Greek classic consists of an oven-roasted combination of potatoes and a leg of lamb, which can be marinated or seasoned with olive oil and fresh herbs. The dish is mainly prepared for special occasions or family gatherings, and it is typically served with a drizzle of lemon juice.
This hearty main course is best enjoyed with various salads and bread on the side.

Kokoretsi / (κοκορέτσι, Kukuretsu, Kokorec, Kokoreç)

Kokoretsi is a traditional Greek dish consisting of lamb or goat offal that is chopped into tiny pieces, seasoned with lemon juice, olive oil, salt, and pepper. The offal is then skewered, covered with caul fat to keep the pieces in place, and cooked over charcoal.

It is traditionally consumed as an appetizer or meze on Easter Sunday in Greece. Although it is associated with Easter, it can usually be found throughout the year across the country. Kokoretsi is also popular throughout the Balkans, and the name of the dish comes from the Albanian word kukurec, meaning tripe.

Being an internationally popular dish, kokoretsi is sometimes served as a sandwich on a flatbread, when it is topped with numerous spices and tomatoes, while others like to put it into a baguette with pickles and bell peppers.

Kleftiko is a typical Greek dish that is commonly prepared at festive events and celebrations, consisting of a succulent piece of lamb or goat meat that is wrapped in foil and baked in airtight ovens. Also spelled as klephtiko, the name comes from the Klephts, mountain rebels from the Greek Revolution who cooked the food underground, so that no aromas or steam could escape, as it could reveal their positions.

The cooked food was typically stolen, as klepht is also the root of the word kleptomaniac, describing a person with the urge to steal. Today, the meat is slowly cooked in a bowl so that it remains juicy and falls off the bone.

Kleftiko is usually cooked with potatoes that soak up some of the flavorful meat juices. Other accompaniments may include red peppers and tomatoes. It is recommended to pair the dish with a glass of red wine on the side.


Shashlik / Russia
Shashlik is the name for a traditional Central and West Asian barbecue consisting of marinated, skewered, and grilled chunks of meat such as lamb, beef, or pork, depending on regional and religious preferences. Lamb, beef, or pork is usually combined with chunks of vegetables such as bell peppers, onions, mushrooms, or tomatoes.

The meat is typically marinated overnight in vinegar, herbs, spices, and dry wine. In Russia, barbecue is traditionally reserved for men, who are in charge of the whole grilling process, while the women are usually busy slicing vegetables and setting the tables.