Tayip Erdogan: The insane dictator is still here – Who can stop him?


He could have been the man of the year.

The Turkish President Tayip Erdogan was during the 2020 in the front line of the world news.

The absolute dictator had the opportunity to be popular, following the policy of challenging with acts of war not only against Greece in Mediterraninan sea but furthermore Europe. He constantly defied the Arabic world and played games with Russia and USA.

Unfortunately, this insane dictator is still here. He is continuing challenges with ‘casus belli’ Europe and he doesn’t care to admit his relationship with the Brother Muslims (fanatic Islamists and terrorist organization) against the West and the Christian world.

Every single day, he’s challenging European countries and NATO by defying the international laws about borders, weapons and security issues.

Donald Trump confirmed his absolute support to him during his Presidency but only recently, the American Congress decided to impose sanctions Turkey over purchase of Russian S-400 missile system.

Russian Federation makes amends with him and proved that doesn’t really care about acts of war –when it comes for weapons or the ceasefire agreement in Karabakh.

So, what hope do we have to get rid of him?

From now on, the elected President of the USA, Joe Biden, has to answer the world ‘what is he going to do with this guy’. Because the rest of the world has great expectations from the new American President, giving the fact that he is the only one who can stop him.

Can we be optimist? Perhaps.

The following months will be crucial for the future of the world along with the Turkish President –whose popularity is falling apart and the people in his country is starving and facing the real poverty. / P.D.