UN Security Council condemns terror attacks in Kabul — statement


UNITED NATIONS /TASS/. The United Nations Security Council has approved a statement condemning the August 26 terror attacks in Kabul and calling for the perpetrators, organizers and backers of the terrorist attack to be held responsible, according to a statement issued at the UN.

The council members asserted that terrorism in all its forms and manifestations represents one of the more serious threats to international peace and stability. “Deliberately targeting civilians and personnel assisting in the evacuation of civilians is especially abhorrent and must be condemned,” said the council, emphasizing the need to hold the perpetrators, organizers, financiers and sponsors accountable.

The statement noted that the Islamic State Khorasan (ISIS-K) organization (outlawed in Russia) claimed responsibility for the attacks. The role of the Taliban movement (outlawed in Russia) was not mentioned in the statement.

The members of the council also “reiterated the importance of combating terrorism in Afghanistan to ensure the territory of Afghanistan should not be used to threaten or attack any country, and that no Afghan group or individual should support terrorists operating on the territory of any country.” They emphasized the necessity for all countries to fight the threats to international peace and security represented by terror attacks using all means possible in accordance with the UN Charter and other obligations, including international humanitarian law, international refugee law and human rights.

The statement also underlined the necessity to ensure the security of UN personnel in Afghanistan as well as the diplomatic staff of UN member countries. The UN Security Council “called on all relevant parties to respect and facilitate the safe evacuation of civilians.” The document did not touch on political issues, including the recognition of the Taliban government, as well as on the deadlines of evacuation from Afghanistan.

On August 26, two powerful blasts triggered by suicide bombers occurred near the building of Kabul airport used by Western countries to evacuate foreign citizens. According to the latest information, 170 people were killed in the terror attack, including 13 US servicemen.