What’s the point on Biden’s call to Mitsotakis – The US President hasn’t yet phoned Erdogan!

The Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis’s telephone conversation with US President Joe Biden last Thursday may have sparked a national anniversary, but it included the entire hot regional agenda, signaling a crucial “return” to Washington for the Southeastern Mediterranean.
“If you need anything, call me, I’m here to help,” Biden reportedly told the Mitsotakis – a particularly important position, as everybody’s watching Ankara’s provocative acts in Mediterranean area.
Just mentioned that since his election, the American President hasn’t yet phoned the Turkish President Erdogan, making perfectly clear his intentions on Ankara’s policy against Europe along as the violation of human rights in Turkey.
Furthermore, Antony Blinken said to Erdogan that if he won’t return the S-400 to Russia, he will never get any access to… the White House. PD / news-politics